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News from the Berkshire Food Project

Posted: 06/28/2021
Keeping you up to date on all of the BFP happenings.
Posted: 02/25/2021
Check out our latest newsletter here - lots of photos to enjoy.
Posted: 12/31/2020
Check out our December Newsletter Here.
Posted: 11/27/2020
Our November newsletter is here... lots of information! Check it out now.
Posted: 10/29/2020
Check out what's happening at the BFP - read our latest newsletter here.
Posted: 09/15/2020
Read all about the innovative ways supporters are finding to help the BFP... and more. Click here for our September newsletter.
Posted: 08/20/2020
Guess how many meals we have provided so far this year! Find out in our latest newsletter.
Posted: 07/23/2020
Catch up - and don't delay as there's information about Round Up for Change at Wild Oats - it's ending on July 31 so just one week left!
Posted: 06/23/2020
Find out the latest from the BFP by reading our monthly newsletter - available only here, on our website!
Posted: 06/14/2020
The COVID Crisis led to our cancelling all volunteer shifts. SOME shifts are open again and we need volunteers to fill them.
Posted: 05/31/2020
Click here to find out how we are changing our meal distribution beginning tomorrow, June 1.
Posted: 05/14/2020
Find links to recent newspaper and video coverage, catch up on the latest opportunity - ordering online from North Adams Farmers Market while at the BFP and more.
Posted: 04/23/2020
We're open, with gratitude! Catch up with our latest news in our April newsletter.
Posted: 03/31/2020
A brief update on our current operations in response to the public health crisis.
Posted: 03/17/2020
The BFP Annual Meeting scheduled for April 21 and the Empty Bowl, scheduled for May 1 have both been postponed until fall.
Posted: 03/16/2020
Please see the newest post to find out how we are changing our services during the current public health crisis.
Posted: 03/11/2020
The Swinging Palms will NOT be performing on Friday, March 13.
Posted: 03/04/2020
Join us for an update on the Berkshire Food Project on April 21.
Posted: 02/27/2020
The Empty Bowl is MOVING! Free Lunchtime Concert Series Coming! Read All About It!
Posted: 02/26/2020
Join us for lunch and music this spring - free concerts at lunchtime!
Posted: 01/29/2020
Please take a moment to check out our latest updates in our January 2020 newsletter. Note - the EMPTY BOWL WILL NOT BE ON APRIL 24 ... we are working right now to find another date so we don't coincide with another special event that evening.
Posted: 12/17/2019
Find out why Aaron Oster is our hero, find out where the free meal is on Christmas Day, where to go if the holidays make you feel blue and when our holiday meal is!
Posted: 11/26/2019
We've just had our best ever Thanksgiving! Read about it and more in our latest newsletter.
Posted: 11/08/2019
We are excited to have a story about us in the newest issue of Berkshire Trade and Commerce! Check it out here!
Posted: 10/30/2019
Read all about the event this Friday (11/1/19) as well as our billboards and a lot of cheese!
Posted: 10/23/2019
Each year we check in with the community and remind everyone how much we rely on donations from our community. If you haven't received the letter, you can find it here.
Posted: 10/22/2019
We are really excited to see the billboards that MASS MoCA has donated to us up at the UNO Park - corner of River and Marshall Street at the foot of Houghton.
Posted: 09/18/2019
Catch up on a little of the exciting activities September has brought our way.
Posted: 08/12/2019
Our summer newsletter is now available.
Posted: 06/21/2019
Here's a link to our June newsletter.
Posted: 05/22/2019
Check out our May newsletter to find out who our new kitchen assistant is, how the BFP was able to participate in the O+ Festival and more.
Posted: 04/29/2019
Check out our latest newsletter!
Posted: 02/27/2019
Please enjoy our February newsletter!
Posted: 01/31/2019
We are trying out a new format and new way of delivering this to you - via our website. Let us know what you think!
Posted: 01/31/2019
When the North Adams Public Schools close due to winter weather, the Berkshire Food Project is closed that day. If the schools are simply delayed, or having an early dismissal, due to winter weather, we remain open.
Posted: 01/10/2019
Beginning Monday, you can buy a reusable bag and a dollar will be donated to the BFP! Between January 14 and January 31, every time a reusable Community Bag is sold at the Big Y stores in North Adams and Adams, Berkshire Food Project will receive a $1 donation! Stores are located at: 1 Myrtle St, Adams MA 45 Veterans Memorial Drive, North Adams MA
Posted: 11/26/2018
Each year the North County Chorale and the All Saints Bell Choir, accompanied by a some superb musicians, present a holiday concert at the First Congregational Church in North Adams.
Posted: 10/18/2018
On MONDAY, November 19 we are serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We have two seatings - 1 PM - 2 PM AND 4 PM - 6 PM. We need volunteers to prepare, serve and clean up - sign up for a shift today!
Posted: 10/03/2018
This year we are serving Thanksgiving meal on Monday, November 19 - with TWO seatings. We will serve from 1 PM to 2 PM and then again from 4 PM to 6 PM. We are trying to respond to the feedback we've gotten.
Posted: 09/11/2018
Between January and June of 2018, our volunteers were collectively spending over 700 hours a month working with us! Many volunteers join us for a couple of hours a month, or maybe a few days during a school break ... and we appreciate every minute they spend with us. There are some, though, whose commitment and dependability is quite amazing - many working over 100 hours during that six month period!
Posted: 09/19/2017
Kim McMann is the new executive director at the Berkshire Food Project.
Posted: 09/19/2017
After nearly 25 years, we say farewell to Valerie Schwarz.
Posted: 06/08/2016
"I wanted to share the wonderful article in the Berkshire Eagle about Mrs. Lawson's field trip to the Berkshire Food Project and all the great work that is being done by the students in the gardens outside of Brayton." -John Franzoni
Posted: 03/25/2015
Massachusetts is now losing over $12M per month in federal nutrition dollars....
Posted: 09/26/2012
Our September 2012 newsletter.
Posted: 09/20/2012
Posted: 09/20/2012
Posted: 03/16/2009
Posted: 02/18/2009
Christmas at the Food Project
Posted: 02/18/2009
Thanksgiving at the Berkshire Food Project
Posted: 02/18/2009
Berkshire Food Project Public Reports.
Posted: 02/18/2009
Posted: 02/18/2009
a recent article printed in the transcript about us and the arrival of Betty Lesage.
Posted: 02/18/2009
Empty Bowl 08
Posted: 02/18/2009
Updated information about this year's Empty Bowl Dinner by The Berkshire Food Project in North Adams, MA.
Posted: 02/18/2009
Posted: 02/18/2009
Berkshire Food Project 2006 Year End Report.
Posted: 02/18/2009
Some news worth noting.
Posted: 02/18/2009
Summary of 2006 activities for the Berkshire Food Project