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About Berkshire Food Project

The Berkshire Food Project was begun by Williams College students in 1987.
Mission and History of the Berkshire Food Project in North Adams MA.
From time to time we like to give a special appreciation. Here is our Volunteer of the Month!
As we share the history and background of the Berkshire Food Project we often come back to stories we are proud of; we remember instances of generosity in donations of time, food/supplies or money gracious supporters and volunteers, the difference they are able to make on the friends we serve, and the agency and change we have been able to have in all of the lives involved. We would like to share some of those stories.

Upcoming Events
Fri May 04th 5:30PM to 6:30PM
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Fri May 04th 7:00PM to 8:00PM
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Kim McMann is the new executive director at the Berkshire Food Project.
After nearly 25 years, we say farewell to Valerie Schwarz.
"I wanted to share the wonderful article in the Berkshire Eagle about Mrs. Lawson's field trip to the Berkshire Food Project and all the great work that is being done by the students in the gardens outside of Brayton." -John Franzoni
Stories of Pride
“My proudest moment is after the meal has been served. When you get the opportunity to grab a plate of the meal you just helped prepare, and get the opportunity to go and sit in the dining room, converse with your community, and make new friends...”
“My proudest moment and favorite story is when one of our regular guests came in and asked if there would be enough food to feed an extra busload of people. I said, “We would always have enough.” Thank God we did!
"Recently, a woman called from out of town and said she googled the words “SNAP benefits in North Adams” and the Berkshire Food Project (BFP) was the first name on the list, so.."